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West Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel

Possible Outcomes

‚ÄčThere are a number of possible decisions that might be reached:

No fault

Our decision might be that there has been no fault by the Commissioner or their Deputy. For example, we may find that they have followed the correct procedure in reaching a decision even though you disagree with it.

No action

We may decide no action should be taken because, for example, it is an employment issue, it is more than 12 months old, the matter is already the subject of a complaint, it is anonymous, vexatious, oppressive or an abuse of the procedures or repetitious.

Insufficient injustice

We might decide that even if the Commissioner or their Deputy is at fault, the effect on you is not serious enough to justify continuing to look into the complaint. For example, the Commissioner was late for one meeting.

Informal Resolution

The Commissioner could agree to:

  • give an apology
  • make an improvement or change in procedures
  • accept that something went wrong but that no other action is appropriate


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